One mans battle against rubbish in his community

Maga deserves a medal, instead he gets a wagon loaded with trash every day. Well, now thanks to our friends he at least has his Fukuda working again and a lot of new plastic drums spread around the villages to help collect trash.

Magafira Ali is a teacher who lives in the small village of Merdeka on the island of Banda Naira. He cares passionately about the future, the health of the children, and the environment. Six years ago he saw the increase in trash resulting from our disposable culture flowing down the town drains and into the sea, and people burning that waste close to their houses in an effort to get rid of it. At the time the community had no real structure to collect or dispose of trash. It had never been a problem before.

Maga and his team of volunteers want to improve the environment in Banda Neira by setting up public trashcans and collecting the trash from 250 households. They instigated a participatory rubbish collection scheme where each household pays 15,000 Rp (1.50 USD) a month to have two plastic bins – one for organic and one for inorganic trash – placed in front of their house and collected every other day

They are very enthusiastic and work on a volunteer basis with almost no funding. Magafira Ali, the founder and driving force behind the scheme is planning to expand the public service and also providing environmental education sessions in schools.

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