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Shane Granger – Author & Sailor – Historic Vessel Vega
Author & Sailor

Author & Sailor

Shane Granger (1948 – until his luck runs out) fell in love with sailing when he was seven years old. Having worked as an advertising photographer, copywriter, boatbuilder, director of museum ship restoration and bush pilot, he always comes back to the sea.

Shane has almost half a million sea miles, including thousands of miles on a brigantine he salvaged in West Africa and once single-handedly sailed across the Atlantic without an engine or functioning rudder. You can read that story in Windsong.

After crossing the Sahara Desert with a Tuareg caravan and being kidnapped by bandits in Afghanistan his greatest ambition is to enjoy the healthy benefits of monotony and boredom. Shane currently lives on an ancient wooden sailing boat, the historic vessel Vega, with his partner Meggi Macoun. Since 2004 they have logged almost 100,00 miles delivering donated educational and medical supplies to remote island communities in Eastern Indonesia and East Timor.

“The truth is, I never once went searching for adventure “, says Shane. “Although, the way the damn things keep popping up is enough to make me want to go live in a cave.”