Medang Island receives its first computer lab in Bugis village

Information and communications technology (ICT)

When the new Indonesian curriculum required computer technology in 2013, SMPN 5 Laburh Badas (junior high school) on Medang island had no computers to teach ‘computer literacy’ with. Teachers from that unpretentious school of 3 classrooms and 83 students asked Vega 1892 to help them. Since the village only has power from 6 pm to 10 pm at night we agreed if the community would provide a way to power the computers during school hours. In response parents of the students funded a small portable generator along with a modest subscription for fuel.

Now the new computer lab is used by students during the day, and by the general community after school hours. Now they are dreaming of access to the internet.


During our twice-yearly visits we plan to repair or collect broken equipment and dispose of it in Singapore where there are e-waste recycling programmes.

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