Haul Out at Phithak Shipyard & Services
Historic Vessel Vega

On the 8th of February we were getting historic vessel Vega ready for the Singapore Boat show and the start of our 2019 deliveries. With everything working, for a change, we arrived right on time at PSS shipyard in Thailand for our annual haul out. We planned on a short stay to touch up the paint work and renew our antifouling. Unknown to us, fate planned a nightmare. I should have said to hell with the bottom paint, turned around and scarpered back down the river as if all hells demons and a tax collector were chasing us.

During this incident the shipyard had several opportunities to stop the haul out procedure and secure Vega safely but choose to continue. We belive that safety issus where ignored to get the haulout slip ready for next days sceduled boats haulouts.

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