Boat Asia 2011, Singapore

South Asia’s largest and longest-running boat show for its 19th edition from 12th to 15th May at the beautiful Marina at Keppel Bay recently named Best Asian Marina of the Year and the first marina in Asia to be awarded the 5 Gold Anchors rating for excellence in services and facilities from the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA). During the show, thousands of people visited Vega and became aware of our work. Many went away with our embroidered Polo shirts, a big help for our running costs and bags of Timor wild mountain coffee to help the farmers of East Timor. The boat show is a highlight of our year when we meet many new friends and exchange interesting ideas. But, that is not the most exciting news to come out of this years show.
Next year Vega will celebrate her 120th birthday in real style. 2012 marks Vega’s 120th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the Boat Asia Boat show. Plans are already underway to make this important double birthday a really exceptional celebration. Jotun Paints have offered to invite Lars Nerhus, the great great grandson of Ola Nerhus -Vega’s builder – to present the ship with an exact copy of her award-winning half model and display the original painting done by Vega’s first Captain – Jens Nerhus – in 1898. Those are just a few of the activities planned.

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