Workshop Eqipment for the Bakhita Vocational training Centre

Historic Vessel Vega’s little workboat is a wonder and has successfully transported almost 800kg before, but those big welding machines had us worried until once again our friends from the East Timor Maritime Police came to the rescue with their big semi ridged boats and easily offloaded not only the entire workshop for us but also 1 metric ton of fertilizer and a lot of other things we had for schools and clinics in Ermerra.

Several hours of bad mountain roads later we offloaded the equipment into the workshop building in Bakhita. The lads there were overjoyed and started looking through and sorting things right away. In fact within the hour someone realized they had yet to make a lockable door for the shop so the equipment was duly connected and used to construct its first project – a door for the workshop was wielded by the teacher and one of the first students. They agreed it was not the most beautiful door ever made, but it was a start and could be locked. We were promised a much better one when we come back next year.

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