Supplies for the East Timor enclave of Oecussi

The small East Timor enclave of Oecussi presents all sorts of problems for development. It is surrounded by another country, isolated from its parent country, and a very rugged landscape that does not lend itself well to farming or infrastructure development. That said the people are trying their best to make a go of a very difficult situation. On our way to Dili this year we stopped over in Oecussi and delivered several packages of school and farming supplies. Among the most notable programs we found was that of Father Gaspar who single-handed runs an orphanage high up in the mountains for children and also provides shelter for abused women. They exist mainly on what they can grow in their gardens. We were happy to assist not only with educational supplies and a laptop computer donated by Jotun Paints of Singapore for the small school but also sports equipment provided by the Singapore Football Association, several boxes of fertilizer for the garden provided by Yara Fertilizer Co and most importantly with proper hot dry weather vegetable seeds, provided by Kurnia for Hope in Malaysia and our friend Ben Potter and his wife, these seeds will not only grow better being tailored for the colder high mountain climates but also help diversify their diet with more variety.

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