Recycled wood for shipbuilding

There are many advantages to using wood that has slowly cured for over 100 years. First the wood is stable and does not expand or shrink after fitting. This allows joints to be fitted to very precise tolerances. Being well dried the wood accepts glues such as epoxy readily and bonds with incredible strength. The final finish on well-cured wood far surpasses that available on wood that still contains a higher percentage of moisture. Most importantly well-cured wood is more resistant to deterioration than fresh timber that still contains rot nourishing moisture and sap.

After a careful search of possible locations for this restoration, the Indonesian island of Bali was finally chosen. This decision was based on several factors. Number one was the availability of recycled woods of a very high quality directly from a single source. The second was the availability of highly skilled woodworkers and other craftsmen. Vegas refit requires the casting of many custom bronze fittings, the production of custom leaded stained glass, the casting and forging of iron, and many other items requiring a high degree of skill and experience in producing materials in the traditional manner.

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