List of one off items needed by the communities we assist

This is a list of the one-off items needed. They do not fit in any of the standard categories so here they are.
Here is the list of outstanding items that are one-off or for specific community projects. If anyone has any of these things you do not need please do remember the communities we assist.
General and one-off items for community Improvement

1. Nails and other fastenings both for boatbuilding/repair and for other use on land. Need many different sizes. Include nuts and wood bolts, wood washers, carriage bolts, etc.
3. Very basic mechanics kits for outboard and long-tail repairs
4. Adz and axes for boat building, include brace and bits
5. Fishing line, hooks, weights, hand spools, etc. ( professional not sport sizes)
6. Music instruments (Guitars, etc) guitar strings – both wire and nylon sets, Mixer, Microphones X 3, Amp, Speakers, Keyboard, Elec. Guitar, Bass, Etc
7. Spools of Rope (many sizes 5mm – 20mm) good quality for long wear/use
8. 1 X 12 Vdc cool box for vaccine storage
9. 1 X most basic natal incubator – if possible 220 Vac and 12 Vdc
10. Manual sewing machine & table (Old Singer type), thread, needles, scissors and basic tailoring equipment for Nila
11. 35 X sets Knives, forks, spoons (Gaspar)
12. 35 Sets Plates, cups, etc for the orphanage (Gaspar)
13. Basic Carpenters/boat builders toolsets
14. Dictionary Indonesia – English
15. Reading glasses
16. 2 X mechanical typewriter
17. 10 X set of Microscopes
18. 2 X overhead projector
19. 10 X set of badminton gear + shuttlecock
20. 6 X set of football team clothing (13 – 16 years)
21. 6 X set of football team shoes (No. 38 – 41)
22. Snorkelling equipment, Masks, fins etc
23. 1 X Battery for Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop
24. 1 X Battery for Dell XPS M1210 Battery type HF674