Some people take to new technology like fish to clean water. Our friend Fadly on Medang island is one of those lucky souls. When Vega brought the first computer to his island he discovered a new passion.

Married and with two lovely daughters, Fadly is a teacher at the senior high school in Bajo and a self-taught computer geek who now installs software and services the island school computers and networks, often making one working computer from two. We met Fadly when he helped us install the islands first computer lab. The following year he asked us for equipment to start his own free community training centre, which proved a huge success.

With proper equipment now available more island talent is emerging. Teacher Mohammad Amir recently discovered a gifted computer graphic designer among his students, others are building websites and editing video. These days they are creating video productions, logos, and documenting island events like weddings – often earning money to do so. That is what I call sustainability. And it all started in 2012 when Vega delivered a single computer to the school.

Music lessons by IPad

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