Humanitarian vessel Vega starts 2014 delivery collections

2014 is starting out to be a record year for our up coming deliveries. After spending the holidays in Singapore visiting with our friends and supporters Vega sailed for Malaysia. Our first stop is Penang island where we will spend a week or so visiting with our friends and spreading our “what’s needed” lists. Hopefully the primary section of the International school in Penang will be joining us with our “Kids-4-Kids” program where classes in a fortunate school prepare a classroom supply kit for kids in a not so fortunate classroom. These kits will go a long way toward improving the situation in some of the more isolated schools we assist. As always we need your help if this year is going to be as successful as 2013 was. Visit the boats page at

Historic vessel Vega

Leaving Singapore
Vega leaving SIngapore

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