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Historic Vessel Vega escapes PSS Shipyard

Escape from PSS Shipyard

At last on 28 November 2019, Historic vessel Vega manged to escape PSS shipyard in Thailand, without a functioning engine and with both bilge pumps constantly running, by hiring a fishing boat to tow us to Rebak island near Langkawi, Malaysia. Once safely moored at Rebak we felt as if several tons and months of accumulated stress lifted from our backs.

The very next morning we hauled out at Rebak using their excellent travel lift. We needed to finish repairs PSS refused to address. It was our most stress-free haul out ever. In a more congenial place now, we are busy completing the hundreds of small things still outstanding from damage done when PSS dropped Vega twice and completely flooded her. On the bright side, there is a lovely swimming pool to look forward to at the end of each day.

Historic Vessel Vega escapes PSS Shipyard

It has been a long hard nine months, but Vega is slowly coming back to life again; although Meggi and I are not far from a “beans and rice” diet trying to pay for it all. Replacing our radios and other electronics which were trashed is one of the real killers. If anyone knows someone at ICOM or Furuno we might approach for assistance chirp up. I grew up with lead, log and sextant so it amazes me how much is mandatory these days.

We are also working hard preparing for our 2020 deliveries. Both of us are excited about seeing our many friends again after a year’s absence and of course the great sailing between islands. With luck 2020 will be our best year yet.

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