A chance to see again

Our eyesight is important. As we get older our eyes deteriorate making it hard to focus on objects that are close. Reading becomes difficult crafts such as weaving, sewing, and carving become impossible. Yet the older people are those with the most experience. Thanks to an inexpensive pair of reading glasses many elderly people on the islands we assist are now able to rejoin productive life again.

With the help of Empreza Diak based in Beloi in Atauro island, we organized another delivery. This time to Macadare in the heart of the island. Since our arrival was announced earlier and set together with market day a lot of people showed up to receive their new glasses. Sherry, Matt and Jose from Empreza D’iak who visit Macadare frequently did a great job with testing people eyesight and fitting glasses for them. Big Thank You!

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