Work never stops on Vega

While in Batam recently we took the opportunity to replace several questionable planks above the waterline that we did not have time for while in the boatyard. Where our friends at Reback were accustomed to seeing us replace massive cap rails, topmasts, and above the water planking on our own, the people at Nongsa Point marina were astonished when we opened up a section of Vega’s side, fiddled with her innards a bit, then replaced the old planks with new. Once we caulked the lot up, faired the seems, and applied several coats of paint you couldn’t tell new from old.


Here you can see the planking we needed to replace and have a peek into how strongly Vega is built. As usual, preparation was that hardest part.


Meggi’s creative scaffolding in action. You try standing on that thing and driving spikes with a 5 kg hammer.